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Climate Change Campaign - COP27

I created this campaign for a school assignment to create a clear message for the user and made three choices to symbolize the message clearly. 

Choice 1: The song.
The song is called "Fire (From Elements)". The song is supposed to symbolize "female rage" and is composed by Katerina Gimon. With what the song symbolizes, there is a subtle connection to Mother Nature's anger regarding how things have gotten out of hand with the climate.

Choice 2: The speech.
The speech is from COP27 2022 in Egypt where Mia Mottley is speaking, who is Prime Minister of Barbados. This number is the opening number. Mia has good rhetorical skills and gives the effect that I want to convey in the video. She also gives a powerful impression as a female leader, which also contributes to the symbolism.

Choice 3: The message.
The message of this video campaign is to convey a powerful message with strong images. The video begins reasonably calmly with clips of nature and clips of Mia speaking, until the video shifts and shows stronger images of the climate crisis as the song intensifies. When the song reaches its peak, it changes to an image of what the future will look like if we do nothing: a person standing surrounded by a fire wearing a breathing mask. I want to convey an abstract and chaotic reaction to the viewer. So I started with some lighter videos, and then it degenerated. Especially when it comes to problems as complex as the climate crisis, it can be "high risk, high reward" to want to explore the design choices behind one's message. However, I think it is essential to dare when designing, to let very little speak for itself (as in this case - the song, the speech and the message speak for themselves).

Drone Footage 

Drone footage of Öland in Sweden. 

Co-Founder for School Newspaper 

I co-founded the official school newspaper at my Senior High School "Danderyds Gymnasium" and created a website for this.

Skärmavbild 2023-12-12 kl. 09.29.25.png
Skärmavbild 2023-12-12 kl. 09.29.31.png
Skärmavbild 2023-12-12 kl. 09.29.38.png

Scanify - AI-filter to prevent fake news

I created Scanify for a school project. Scanify's main target is to protect the youth, in the sensitive years, and mitigate intake of the excess information flows, which has been proven disastrous for youths' mental health in the last decades.

Informational video: 

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